WHAT'S NEXT? . . .
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Thank you to all those readers who've been asking whether there is going to be a sequel to 'Mr Chen's Emporium'. I'm currently working on a novel called 'The Jade Widow' which is a stand-alone book, but features characters from the historical thread of 'Mr Chen's Emporium', plus a few interesting newcomers.

The title is inspired by a small Chinese jade figurine (in the photo below) which was given to me long ago by my mother-in-law. I've always treasured it. The drawing on the right is based on the figurine, but I've added Victorian-era elements. 

'The Jade Widow' is turning out to be a very enjoyable book to write, largely because of the historical period in which it is set.

DOB Aimie 44Wherever possible, I'm using primary sources as inspiration: eye witness accounts in old newspapers (courtesy of Trove, the National Library of Australia's invaluable website where you can literally spend days immersed in the old articles and classified ads) and contemporary diary entries. As an artist who happens to be a writer (or a writer who happens to be an artist!) I'm particularly taken with visual items such as posters, paintings, lithographs, old photographs and museum artefacts.       

Publication date is September 2013. More details about 'The Jade Widow' soon. 

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Deborah O'Brien

19 November, 2012