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Déja Vu: Lessons from the Spanish Flu Pandemic   June 20211919 SOS card

Parallels between the pneumonic fever pandemic of 1919 and Covid-19



The 'Camille Dupré Songbook   May 2020Charles Trenet portrait

The 1930s and '40s songs which became the soundtrack for the story.




Researching 'Camille Dupre'   May 202oDeb Sunflowers 1992 800 width

Creating a balance between historical authenticity and well-paced storytelling.




My Top Three Tips for Aspiring Authors   March 2020DOB Styled 2

Getting started on your writing journey.




Writing and Art   March 2020Florals in urn 420

I've never known whether I was an artist or a writer but both have come together in my books.




The Five Books That Have Influenced Me Most      March 2020Image result for alice's adventures in wonderland

Here are five books that I read before I was twenty but have stayed with me all my life.




My Top Five Films about Politics    Feb 2020The Ides of March Poster.jpg

Why politics makes the perfect subject matter for thrillers and comedies alike.




Film Review: '1917'     Jan 20201917 2019 Film Poster

An immersive film about the horrors of trench warfare